We make
empathy digital

Create happy customers by having great dialogues

Create empathy by being most personally relevant to your customer

Zoey is your virtual assistant of the future. By building real, empathic relationships with the latest technology, Zoey ensures a HAPPY customer.

Our dialogue platform helps you to continuously assist your customers and making them happy. Generate the benefits by staying in touch, measuring what works, and optimizing your service — Don’t forget: happy customers make great businesses!

This is how we do it
Our three step approach towards
Digital Empathy:

The new customer relationship


Our Model

By adding the human touch to a digital environment we are spot on in defining your needs and your customers’ needs.


Our dialogue platform

Secondly, we build your dialogue journeys and start conversing with your customer. Let us do the work!


Your insights

With the insights we gather through our dialogues platform we help you:

improve your services, to get higher customer ratings

help your customers, so that they will return the next time

Check your benefits

Benefits for
Travel Companies

Standing out of the crowd is very hard. We help Travel companies become more empathic to customer needs in an era where they are seen as commodities. Our digital empathic approach (human + data) has benefited travel companies in multiple ways:

Outsource service to customers so that they can focus on their core task: selling trips!

Improve customer service by being present during the trip in a highly innovative and hyperpersonalised matter, without increasing team size

Increase retention of customers by becoming their trusted advisor when it comes to travel

Enable in-destination selling, by contextualizing offers to travellers needs


Benefits for
Educational Institutions

Building up relationships with your students at the same time as delivering high-quality education is a tough job. We help Educational institutions become more empathic to student needs, in an era where the gap between student and institutions are widening. Our human- and data driven approach has benefited educational institutions in numerous ways:

Outsource service to students so that they can focus on their core task: educating students!

Becoming a trusted advisor during their study-years when it comes to education, but also being part of a social system

Guiding students through the application process and helping them make impactful decisions in their lives

Helping students making educated choices when it comes to taking the next steps after their studies


Where Digital meets Human is where we help you excel

Rajneesh Badal

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