Finding a new job opportunity that is perfect for you is a difficult task. Many questions arise when looking for a job that is based on your personality, professional profile, and passions. Receiving help for finding job possibilities that are within your expectations is important, and sometimes your ideal new job can be an unexpected one.

Zoey, the hyper-personal communication platform for job opportunities

Zoey is a communication platform, empowered by hyper personal assistants who helps job seekers with their ‘journey’ to a new employment opportunity. In a one-on-one dialog, job seekers receive proactive tips based on their profile, skills, and interests. At the same time, questions can be asked at any given time to enrich and elevate job profiles.

Zoey is specialised in matching people and the job they’re looking for, based on personal interests. This is done through Artificial Intelligence, content, and real people. With Zoey, finding new personalized job opportunities is a much easier task and new unknown opportunities

Zoey communicates in a modern way with human touch, to create the best personal assistant:

Communication. Zoey agents monitor the quality of the dialogue and help create a personal relationship. (Human2Human)
Content. Shows interest and asks for interests through in a 1-on-1 setting while informing about vacancies, coaching sessions, assessments and more.
Technology. Powered by AI, Zoey delivers a efficient and scalable service.
Zoey results in:

Insights in personal development, opportunities, and more.
High quality service throughout the day, available to you 24/7.
Support with all your needs within multiple sectors.

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