Our Platform

We enable Digital Empathy by integrating conversations, journeys, data, content and
the Human Touch into an all-in-one dialogue platform

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The Human Touch

People are always central in our way of work. Our platform has been build around people helping people, so let’s start behaving like real people.


One of the hardest things to achieve is getting the right information form the right source. Even harder when the information is stored in someone’s own head. We help you structure and document all relevant information and help you keeping it up to date. All part of our way of work!

Conversational module

Stay in touch in real time with your customers through their whole journey with our conversation module. Let us do the work for you. Doesn’t matter which conversational channel you use, we can plug it in.

Automated Journey builder

Let our platform automatically build hyperpersonalised journeys for your customers based on your (and if you want our) content.

Management Dashboard

Through the whole conversational journey, we continuously measure satisfaction, engagement and conversion so that you can deliver an optimal service. Our AI-driven module does the number crunching, so that we can focus on implementing improvements.

Automated Journey builder

Let our platform automatically build hyperpersonalised journeys for your customers, based on your (and if you want our) content. By putting the profile of your customers in the mix we can create highly efficient journeys which spark interaction and help you find the key to creating real relationships with your customers.

Conversational interface

Every conversation with your customer is tracked and analyzed in realtime.

The right improvement at the right time

Check your customer’s feedback and conversational insights in the Management Dashboard. Instantly see what’s needed for them to feel happy. To make it easy, our platform labels the conversations automatically and shows where to improve. This way, you’ll know what to improve, and when to improve it. And since we’ve been places and seen faces, we have a good view of what works with amazing results.



We know how much of a pain it is to get the right information, from the right source, at the right time. Let us do the work so you can sit down and relax. Our view on the Hero, Hub and Hygiene content strategy guides us through the process so that we can help your customer’s best. Our platform makes a difference between the different content layers and gives you insight in how you can best build a digital relationship with your customer.

The Human Touch

Making the perfect dish takes more than having the right ingredients! Our Human Touch - approach helps you to iterate on your customer’s journey in real time. We use data as our guide and technology as our vessel. Always keeping in mind that people are at the centre of our hearts.